Adding Accounts 


Step 1: Log into your Edsemlbi | SIS environment 


Step 2: Once the initial dashboard has loaded, you will need to change your location to the central office. 





Step 3: Select the menu option once the central dashboard has loaded. Then select Security 




Step 4: Make sure that Accounts is selected and click the +  




Step 5: Add the username (email) and click the + to associate to a staff record 






Step 6: Search for a staff record to associate the account to and follow the steps shown below 





Step 7: Adding the account to an existing group by selecting the groups tab and clicking + 




Step 8: Similar to associating a staff record, perform a search for a group by following the steps below 






Step 9: When you have finished click on the application back arrow to return to the main Accounts screen 



Step 10: Change the account password by locating the account you created, click on it and then click the change password option 







Creating Groups 


Step 1: Select group from within the security section and click on the + 





Step 2: Select either Create a new group or Copy from another group  



Step 3: Give the group a name and select where you would like these permissions to be applied. Once that is done click the Permissions tab to continue 



Step 4: Set permission and save 



Step 5: Setting a group permission to allow to manage accounts