New Bill 124 Ratification (2022/2023 Grids) Steps

Modified on Tue, 25 Jun at 4:11 PM


**Don't delete and re-create the previously new grids**

DUE DATE: Once Bill 124 is done, you have 60 days to complete this. 

End Date can vary by Board. 


1) End date the previously open ended 2021/09/01 Salary Grid (with 2022/08/31) 

2) Create 2022/09/01--2023/08/31 & 2023/09/01--2024/08/31 Salary Grids with new Grid Values

3) Salary and Allowance Update 2022/09/01 (Salary and Allowance Update > Trial > Verify > UPDATE > Verify)

4) Salary and Allowance Update 2023/09/01 (Salary and Allowance Update > Trial > Verify > UPDATE > Verify)

5) Entitlement

6) Group Authorization


IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure Adjust Indicator = N under Salary and Allowance Update so that Entitlement is not wrapped into this process. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: When entering Grid Effective Date of (Example: 2022/09/01). This will produce entitlement from year 2022 all the way to Current, however the adjustment will only be for the single year (2022/09/01 - 2022/08/31)

  • Year 2022 - 2024 will be without adjustment in this case. It is only the first year that the adjustment is present for. 

This process is repeated for the next year 2023/09/01, Entitlements will generate again, and the system will complete the next year worth of adjustment. 

  • Rinse and repeat for all of the appropriate years.

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