Requirements are available based on the student's entry to secondary school. For example, in Ontario if the student's entry date to secondary is before Aug 31, 1999, the OS:IS requirement will be available for selection. 

Why it's important to add effective dates and expired dates to your graduation requirements.  You don't want staff adding the incorrect graduation requirement to a student record, if you manage the effective and expiry dates as per your ministry requirements the graduation requirements will only show if the entry to secondary is within that time frame. 

Things you need to check if you can't add an expired graduation requirement to a student's record. 

Board level > setup> graduation requirements> requirements> GO 

In this example we are using ON OS:IS requirements I have set the dates to reflect when the grad requirements were available. This will mean any student that shows entry date to secondary between these dates will have OS:IS available.

Entry to secondary needs to between 09/01/1950 and 08/01/1999