How to Apply Second Garnishment to Employee

ISSUE: Board can not apply a second Garnishment to the same Employee as they are receiving the following Error. 

FIX: Create a second 'GARN2' Deduction Code so that a second Garnishment can be added to the Employee without the system considering it a duplicate. 

The issue is that the system will not allow the same garnishment code twice, on the same employee, same group and within the same date range. 

Use Garnishment2 Code as a workaround to apply two on a single employee. 


Payroll > Board > Deduction Codes


New > Create 'GARN2'


Payroll > Board > Deductions Code Maintenance

Create a Second Garnishment code so that a second Garnishment can be applied to the same Employee. 

Duplicate > Change Deduction Code from GARN to GARN2 > Save


Payroll > Employee > Non-Statutory Deduction > Garnishee Tab


Right Click > Add New > EMP_GROUP > Apply Deduction Code = ‘GARN2’ > 


Payroll > Group Data > Subject Entity Maintenance > EMP_GROUP

**Duplicate GARN records and modify as GARN2**


Payroll > Pay Process > Entitlement > EMP_GROUP > Submit


Payroll > Pay Process > Group Authorization > EMP_GROUP > Submit

Processes > Completed > Successful

**Confirm Process Completed** 


Payroll > Pay Process > Schedule Groups > EMP_GROUP = Y > Save > Pay Run


Processes > Completed > Pay Register > EID in Question