How to Update Garnishment Records

ISSUE: Need to update Garnishment records so that the old records are closed and new records are created with updated Reference Number, Judgement Day and Start Date. 

FIX: Close, duplicate and update Garnishment records under Payroll > Employee > Non-Stat Deductions – followed by Entitlement and Pay Run to see the new deductions on the Pay Register. 


Staffing > Position and Assignment

**Confirm relevant Position Record is Active + FTE > 0** 


Payroll > Employee > Non-Stat Deductions

**End Date old records accordingly**


**Configure new Reference Number, Judgement Date and Start Date**


Payroll > Pay Process > Entitlement > EMP_GROUP

**Note the Entitlement processing the closed Garnishment Record and the New Garnishment Record**


Payroll > Pay Process > Group Authorization


Payroll > Pay Process > Schedule Group > Pay Run > Submit

**Note the Garnish2 Deduction calculating accordingly on Pay Register**