Symptom: Comment parameters are set up properly, term is unlocked, and the comment box for students/classes is accessible through edsembli SIS, but the comment box is greyed out in CONNECT. 

The comment screen might look something like this: 


To fix this, refresh/toggle the MARK parameter for that particular term/topic intersection (even though it's the comment box that has the issue). 

Specifically, go into central office and into Setup > Marks and comments > Achievement parameters. 

Choose the achievement profile where the term and topic are located. 

Change the Setup parameter to Marks. 

The mark parameter beside the affected topic should say 'Disabled'. Change it to something else for all affected terms. You don't have to save. 

Then, change it back to disabled. Now save. 

This should resolve the issue. 

Please double-check that the task in the queue completed without error. E.g.: 


This workaround also fixes an issue where if comments are being entered through edsembli SIS - Class marks and comments, the system triggers the 'override locked term' task, when in fact the term is not locked.