Ticket Submission Template and Including Helpful Information

GOAL: To detail how detail and organize details during ticket submission to promote an efficient conversation with support and derive a more meaningful workflow. 


OUTCOME: This helps to reduce back and forth between agents and user – thus streamlining the conversation and allowing faster turnaround in ticket replication. 


Ticket Submission Template – Necessary Information

  1. Bottom-line ISSUE clearly stated
  2. Steps to Replicate in order
    1. As you are experiencing the issue on your end
  3. Supporting Screenshots
    1. To provide supporting details and configuration
  4. Sample Employee ID (and EMP_GROUP, if necessary)
  5. Environment experiencing the issue
    1. Staging or PROD
  6. Current Patch and Hotfix
    1. Of the Environment experiencing the issue
  7. Scope of the issue
    1. One Employee or Multiple
    2. One EMP_GROUP or multiple
    3. All Employees/Groups? 



Sample ISSUE Statement Structure:

**Use of Module Path, Issue Statement and Steps to Replicate are integral effectively communicating the What, Where and When of the reported issue**


Sample Steps to Replicate Structure:


Module Path: “Folder > Folder > Module name” 

Notes: On this screen do X, then Y, Save. 


Module Path 2: “Folder > Folder > Module name” 

Notes: On this screen do X, then Y, Save. 


Module Path 3: “Folder > Folder > Module name” 

Notes: On this module notice (not notice the lack of) X, and outcome Y. 


**The goal of clear steps to replicate is conveying exactly what to do under each module, and in what order, to see exactly the defined outcome** 



Environment, Patch and Hotfix: 

Note: This information can be inputted within the Ticket Details upon Ticket Submission when using the Portal – or simply can be typed within the Ticket Description at the end. 

Example: This issue is persisting under Production. We have Patch 43, Hotfix 1 applied currently. 

Note: The Hotfix must be stated in the ticket description as there is no Field for this to be input.