ISSUE: We have been noticing in our vendor database that if we go in to make a change on a vendor's profile (ie: banking, or accounting email change) that it's somehow changed the default "preferred PO delivery" method to "email" from " hard copy", which then activates the "Purchasing email field". Until we expand this menu and make the change back to "hard copy" we are unable to save the changes on this vendor profile. There was never anything populated in these fields previously, because typically we would not be issuing PO's to these vendors.  




No error message




See below


When modifying a vendor that was originally set up for hard copy PO delivery, the system may sometimes not enable the Save button.  Only when expanding the Purchasing Information section does it become evident that the vendor is now configured to receive purchase orders via email, making the purchasing email address a mandatory field.  The user must then select HardCopy (or provide an email address), after which time the vendor changes may be saved.


A script is available from Support.  If your board has this issue, please contact support for assistance.