ISSUE: Patch links sent in the comments of Patch Release Forum Topics no longer work. Directly clicking the links (example shown below) no longer is supported. 


FIX: You now need to use an FTP Application such as WinSCP and use edsembli FTP credentials to access and download Patches & Release Notes. 


FTP Site Configuration Article Referenced: 


Additional information and technical details:

Please note that these credentials will be for download only – it will be used for publishing community updates, installations and supporting documentation only.   


Additional Note: Please use WinSCP when accessing this site – use FTP, Port 990 & Implicit Encryption. Alternatively, File Explorer can be used to access the FTP. 

If you have a firewall in place to control traffic, please allow port range from 5000 to 6000 also. 

Username: edsRelFTP

Password:  2Xm3j6ELyYZwbHe6