OCT Upload Master Document


Step 1: Board Control > Staff Development > Generate Extract File

Check for the file “IPECSDTIEXTR-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.txt” under the Log File. 

  • Note: This file will extract all Employees with a SIN #. 


Step 2: Board will log into OCT Website online and upload the IPECSDTIEXTR-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.txt file

Note: OCT will use the generated extract to match against their database

Choose Add > File Upload > Replace Existing Data > Load Data


Step 3: On OCT website, click Reference Tables > Download File as “Tab Delimited File 

The below 6 Reference Tables will be downloaded;

  1. Additional Qualifications Options
  2. Certificate
  3. Division
  4. Member Status
  5. Organization
  6. Qualification and Credentials

Note: Employee file is downloaded which is “All Data” Excel File. Located under Download Tab (UTF-8 Encoding). AllData and Member File are to remain as .csv within the file explorer. 

Note: For best file-keeping practices ensure when you download new Reference Files, to copy them and REPLACE the previous set 

  • At any given time there should only be 6 Reference Files + 1 AllData.csv in the File Directory 

Important Note: Download and copy and paste all of these files under the Board Control > Log in File Explorer (as configured under Deployment Wizard > Ecno.Ipps.BoardControl.Client config settings).

  • Files need to be in 'logDirectory' location for K212 to import the returned data from OCT

The below depicts the best naming scheme for AllData + Reference Table Files

Step 4: Run the Board Control > Staff Development > TI Codes Update process (If there have been any changes in the codes) 

Note: This process reads the file containing a list of all TI Codes and loads into K212 HRP


Step 5: Run the Employee TI Update Process

This process reads a file containing a list of all Teacher Qualification and loads into K212 HRP. 

It will create the below 4 reports; 

  1. OCT Qualification Information Update Audit
  2. OCT Certification Information Update Audit
  3. OCT Degrees Information Update Audit
  4. Remove Data Audit Report


Step 6: Verify Employee Degrees and Employee Certifications and Qualification screen



No Match à Distant Past Employees, from 1980s and back > Code = Retired

Registration ID Missing à They have no OCT in IPE file > Therefore they have SIN but are not teacher (file pulls everyone with a SIN, although for teachers only)

No Reports Generated > Blank Removed Data Audit Report = Data Issue

Download AllData.csv and open in Excel > Click on heading Column and use Excel Filter function > Choose Dropdown Filter to scroll through results by Column > Identify which result in which column "is not like the other" 

This will tell you which line has an extra comma > Pushing the previous field over one column > Causing Errors

Since everything is moved over one, this will cause scenarios such as Names under Date Columns, Dates under the wrong column, NULLs to be under columns that should be populated, and populated data under NULL columns, etc. 

Fix: Manually correct the extra comma/quotation, put back in File Explorer > Re-run Employee TI Update

Employee TI Update Error: (OCTOBER 2023)

ISSUE: Only the Removed Data Report generated. 

FIX: Filter and review RecordType column in AllData Excel file. This field shouldn't have a blank record.

Manually update or remove the line and run the process again. 



Resolution: Files were downloaded from OCT under the incorrect format, needs to be Tab Delimited, need to redownload from OCT with correct format à Difference shown below