File format from Edsby needs to be in Maplewood Format with the following options: 
1) Enable the “Suppress column headers” checkbox. 
2) Quoting “Quote Everything”. 
3) Delimiter Character “,”. 
4) File Extension “MWM”.  

5) Save the file  


How to import Marks into edsembli 1.0 

Our first task is to upload the file you created from edsby into the file manager  

Click on the hamburger > more tools> File manager > Go  

Click on Marks and comments>Import > far right of screen click on the + to add in your file that you saved from edsby  

The file will show saved in this screen then you can close the file manager.  

Go back to the hamburger menu and choose achievement> Tools> Import marks and comments  

Select the file from the list, select your term and if you wish to overwrite the existing data > Import   

Expected output of the file from EDSBY