ISSUE: How do we add a new alias level to accommodate new reporting requirements?












From time to time the need may arise to add a new level of alias to the existing structure.  This can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. In Settings à Accounting à Alias Format click Edit, then Add New 
    1. Define the Size of the new element (i.e. how many characters it should be) and give the new level a name; add a note and Save
    2. At this point, the system will create an entry in the G/L Dictionary for this new alias element.  The Code will be all zeros and the Description will be Default; this will be automatically applied to every account in the current chart of accounts. 
  2. Next, in General Ledger à G/L Dictionary Editor, click the new alias element to highlight, and click New
    1. Add as many dictionary entries for this new element as needed, specifying codes and descriptions (alias abbreviations are not used anywhere and may be ignored).
    2. Apply the applicable codes to the applicable G/L accounts via G/L Management à  Modify , G/L Management à  Global Alias Change or G/L Import
  3. (Optional step) In G/L Management à Modify, update existing G/L elements with Relationships – when found, relationships at G/L add time will auto-fill that alias element with the value specified.


Please log a ticket if you have any questions, comments or concerns with the above.