Removing Employee from Imported Exception Timesheet

ISSUE: How to remove an Employee from an Exception timesheet once the Exception Timesheet has already been imported or manually inputted. 

ASSUMPTION: Exception Timesheet is refined and imported under Trial and Update mode. Batch is Posted and Pay run is potentially run, but not confirmed. 


If the batch has already been posted, then user would need to reverse it as per below. If not, simply skip this step. 


Payroll > Pay Inputs > Batch Post and Reverse > Reverse BATCH

**Reverse Exception Timesheet Batch to then make changed**


Payroll > Pay Inputs > Timesheet > Exception Timesheet > Search EMP_GROUP + BATCH + EID

**Right Click and DELETE records one by one to remove Exception Records**


Payroll > Pay Input > Batch Post and Reverse > POST the Batch

**Post Exception Timesheet Batch** 


Process > Completed > Timesheet Post Report

**Verify all employees Total Hours/Days and Total Amounts** 

Note: Here you can ensure the Employee in question that is removed is no longer included in the batch

**Refer to the last page to view EMP_GROUP Total Units and Total Amount**


Payroll > Pay Process > Schedule Groups > TSUB

**Schedule EMP_GROUP**


Payroll > Pay Process > Pay Run > Submit

**Every EID Removed is also not present under Pay Register – verify all other amounts & confirm as necessary **