How to Configure Qualification Report

GOAL: To provide an overview of how to use the Inquiry > Qualification Report for all Employee Groups to track different Qualifications among Employees. 


Inquiry > Inquiry Reports > Qualification Reports

**Here we can define any (combination) of Employee Groups to be reported** 


Configure the desired Employee Group Code (Select one or multiple) 


Configure the desired Qualifications Codes


Lastly, configure whether you want to include Terminated Employees using 'Include Term Employees = Y/N' Indicator. 

In this case we will choose Yes


Once everything is configured choose Submit to begin creating the Report

Note that upon choosing Submit the above notification will appear to confirm the generation of the report. 


Navigate to Reports > Process Report to check the status of your queued process and open the generated report. 

In this module we can extract some additional information such as the duration the report was being processed by comparing the Start Date/Time against that of the End. 


Choose the Blue Hyperlink 'Qualifications' to view the Process Information pop-up. 

At the bottom you can click to view the generated details in either PDF or Excel format. 


Here we will randomly choose Excel, the output will now be downloaded under .xlsx Format


Once the report is opened within Excel – users can then use the Data > Filter functionality to toggle between any of the fields for specific results

**The Qualification Report shows all Certifications and the associated Expiry Date for all Employees**