How to create Special Pay to Fix Incorrect Confirmed Pay

ISSUE: Pay run was completed, confirmed and the Cheques/EFT was sent to the bank. Payroll then noticed that Pay was incorrect for one Employee. 

FIX: Determine the Employee in question, determine their Employee Group and the most recent processed pay for this group. Create a Special Pay and an Employee Level Recurring Payment for a single pay. 


Staffing > Position and Assignment > EID > Find Employee Group in question



Payroll > Group Data > Pay Period Calendar > EMP_GROUP

**Note the Cheque Date on the most recent Process Pay for the appropriate Employee Group**


Payroll > Group Data > Pay Period Calendar > Special Pay Run > Add New > ‘PAYNUMBER + 01’ 

Configure Pay Date = Cheque Date (2023/09/29), Run Type = ADDITION, Run Class = Individual (since its one employee)

Special Pay Number = (Pay Number + ‘01’)


Payroll > Employee > Recurring Payments > EMP_GROUP

Enter EID in question, choose Pay Code = Salary

To/From Pay = Special Pay Number (20231801)

**Enter in whatever amount is correct**


Payroll > Pay Process > Schedule Groups > EMP_GROUP > See Special Pay Number

Enter Indicator = P as usual


Payroll > Pay Process Pay Run > Submit > Processed > Completed > Pay Register

**Here we can see the Special Pay Run worked***