Benefit Override not Showing on Pay Register

ISSUE: Employee is moving between positions. Position has been end-dated; new position started. Previous Benefits have been both Coverage and Deduction End Dated. 

Benefit Override is then configured and Pay Exception record is created – however Benefit Override does not populate on Pay Register. 


ROOT CAUSE: LTD refunds can happen all of the time. LTD is commonly “in-house” meaning that it’s not part of the billed system in OTIP. 

Boards may collect one month in advance (example: collecting June’s LTD in May). If an employee terminates May 31st after the LTD was collected for June, then LTD must be refunded to Employee. 


FIX: The Benefit Override must be configured for and completed on the currently open record. 

If the Override must be completed on the previously closed Benefit record – remove the Deduction/Coverage End Dates to process the Override and only re-add the end dates after the entire pay once Confirmed. 

Alternatively, configure the override for the new, currently open benefit record (for new position). 


Benefit > Benefits > Employee ID

Note the previous End Dated configuration for Deduction and Coverage End Dates. 

**Status = History


Payroll > Pay Process > Pay Exceptions > Employee ID

**Pay Exception configured for after Benefit LTD record was closed


Payroll > Group Data > Pay Period Calendar

ISSUE = Pay Run Date 2023/06/02 > Benefit End Dates of 2023/05/15


THEREFORE: the below Benefit Override will not process as the Refund Date Period exceeds the End Dates

Payroll > Employee > Benefit Overrides


FIX: Lift the End Dates (Coverage and Deduction) off the LTD Benefit records

Note: Since the end dates are lifted, Status = CURRENT now


Generate 202221 Pay

Payroll > Pay Run Menu > Pay Run 

**LTD Refund was processed correctly under Pay 202221