Absence Auto Allocation - Error Converting Data Type Numeric to Decimal

ISSUE: Absence Auto Allocation is crashing for a specific Absence Group + Account combination and yielding: Error converting data type Numeric to Decimal. 


FIX: Verify the configuration of the applicable Absence Group(s) and Absence Account(s). Once this is complete, if the issue persists, query and download data from EC_EMPLOYEE_ABSN_ACCOUNT table to confirm no values are abnormal. 

If none of the above works, use the provided script template to query for Employees with abnormal Credit Allocation values. 


Board Control > Absences > Absence Account Code

**Verify the Year End Date configuration**


Board Control > Absences > Absence Group

**Verify Year End Parameters, Next Allocation Date and all other configuration for the appropriate Account + Group absence record**

Note: Next Allocation Date is typically configured as the 



where ABSN_GROUP_CODE = 'xxxx'

and ABSN_ACCOUNT_CODE = 'yyyy'

Copy all results (with Headers) and paste into Excel. 

In Excel, choose Data > Filter to filter all data by columns. 

Choose the column dropdowns and review the different results in each column. Here you are looking for abnormal amounts or characters to find data that is not like the rest

**Verify no abnormal amounts or characters under each column by filtering results**


Absence Management > Absence Auto Allocation > Submit


If Error Resolved > Abnormal data caused the issue

If Error Persist > Continue with the below steps





**Verify and update any abnormal Credit Allocation Per Day values for the associates Employee ID**

Note: Credit Allocation Per Day should = FTE. Typically, is a value less than or equal to 1