ISSUE: The ability to post to close purchase order should be secured.   Currently there are no checks in place to keep it from happening.





The ability to invoice against closed POs is too widely available


Lack of ability to secure 


Enable the system to be configured to define the conditions under which closed POs may be invoiced




In version 2.22.00, the security system in Edsembli FIN was modified to enable the granting (or restricting) of the ability to post against closed purchase orders.  This means that anyone who has been entering invoices prior to this release will suddenly find themselves unable to invoice against closed purchase orders when they were always previously able to do so (unless they had full menu access, which would be unlikely in most cases).  To configure the system to resume the previous functionality, simply modify the role (or user as appropriate), and in Operation Access expand Invoice, Invoice Management and Invoice Add; then check the check box Invoice Add Against Closed POs.

Please log a ticket with Edsembli FIN if you have any questions, comment or concerns with the above.