System enhancement to accommodate delimited files from bank

Solution:  Edsembli FIN version 1.18.00 has been upgraded to enable Electronic Cheque Reconciliation to process delimited files as well as fixed width, depending on which is defined in the setting (now called Bank File Format instead of Bank Tape Specification).

Hopefully this will minimize or even eliminate the need for manual intervention before processing a file from the bank.  Any delimited file can be used, and is easy and intuitive to define in the Bank File Format setting (see screen shot below).  Columns do not need to be in order, and gaps are allowed, enabling columns containing extraneous data to be ignored.

The current method of Electronic Cheque Reconciliation will remain unchanged, meaning that if you wish to proceed as usual, you do not need to do anything – your current settings remain intact.  However, to view them in the Accounting Settings, you will first need to edit the setting and specify Fixed Width and save.  Then your settings will appear.  Again, you do not need to do this to continue as normal.

If you have any questions, comments or require further information about this, please log a ticket with Finance Support and we will be happy to respond.


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