ISSUE: How to Remove Google Authentication from Portal Login to avoid confusion if your board uses Azure. 

The only thing that needs to be done is to remove the values of googleClientId and googleSecret in the Web.Config file of the Portal UI.

Note: As shown below, you can simply comment out Line 25 and in this case you can leave the contents of googleClientID and googleSecret. 

If you choose not to comment out line 25, then the contents of googleClientID and googleSecret must be removed and configured as " "

Note: Line 26 needs to remain, and cannot be deleted entirely or else the system will crash, as the system looks for this line. Just the googleClientID and googleSecret values are to be removed.

Important Note: When commenting out the line in question, ensure not to miss the "--" at the end of the line as well for it to work accordingly. 

After Saving your Updates, you need to Reset IIS for the changes to take effect.