If you keep receiving reminders of PandaDoc or would like to decline a quote officially.

As a recipient, you can decline a document. 

You can decline a document in two ways:

  • From a reminder email to sign a document
  • From the document itself

Who can decline:

  • Signer
  • CC recipient

That document will be transferred into the Declined status and unavailable to the recipient. 

In order to decline a document:

  1. The recipient either clicks “Unsubscribe and decline” in a reminder email or clicks Actions > Decline to sign on the document
  2. Next, they need to provide a reason why they are declining and can leave a comment
  3. The document then is transferred to the Decline status and becomes unavailable to the recipient. If there is more than one signer on a document and it’s declined by one of them, it will be unavailable to all. 
  4.  All recipients will stop receiving notifications for this document.
  5.  The document sender receives a notification email about the decline event.