How to Configure Days Not Paid when Deductible Hours are higher than Contract Hours

ISSUE: Employee was overpaid and the Pay run was confirmed and EFT sent. In this scenario despite Employee Group Configuration of 8 Hours per Day, 10 Hours per day was being worked. 

Note: This can apply to any time you need to make DNP Entries for more than the Daily Hour Base of the Contract. 

Fix: Use Payroll > Pay Inputs > Days Not Paid Entry for the difference in amount. 

In the case that Deductible Hours are higher than Contract Hours, enter a DNP = 1.0 Record, and an additional Partial DNP Record for the SAME day to account for this. 



Run Pay to establish a baseline and view the numbers already generated from the Pay Register

Payroll > Schedule Groups > Pay Run > Submit > Pay Register

DNP = $600 ($1500 is needed in this case)


Payroll > Pay Input > Days Not Paid Entry > EID

Note: Daily Rate = $200 and 3 DNP configured. This yields the $600 seen in baseline Payrun above

**Configure the additional days for DNP, current pay, DNP = 1.0 and Save


Run Entitlement > Group Authorization > Schedule Groups > Run Pay

DNP = $800 – note this amount has increased accordingly ($200/day * 4 days). 


Add additional DNP Entry as necessary to arrive at the correct amount to correct previous overpayment

Note: Leave Type is mainly necessary for OMERS Pension Plan, where Employees pay into this and DNP must be tracked accordingly. In this specific environment used, it was not necessary. 


Run Entitlement > Group Authorization > Schedule Groups > Run Pay

DNP = $1,200 – (6 DNP configured * $200/day)



ISSUE: The number of hours an employee works per day needs to match the amount of DNP Hours per day. In this scenario the Deductible Hours are > Contract Hours. 

Example: Employee group is configured for 8 hours per day, however employee worked 10 per day and DNP must to reflect this. 

Note: If the remaining amount does not equal a total day, you can use Partial DNP on the same days to recover the remainder due to Deductible Hours > Contract Hours. 

Example: $1,500 and we are currently at $1,200. Remainder = 300 at a Daily Rate of 200

  • 6 DNP Entered
    1. 6 * 0.25 = 1.5 DNP additional = 200 * 1.5 = $300 (CORRECT Remainder)
  • Alternatively viewed as Contract Hours = 8 and (8 * 1.25) = 10 Hours (Deductible Hours)


CAUSE: Situational employment needs where Employees may be working extra for things like Shift Work etc. 


FIX: You can make a second DNP Entry for the SAME Day as the 1.0 record, for an additional DNP Portion. 

Payroll > Pay Input > Days Not Paid Entry > EID

IF DNP = 1.0 = 8 Hours, additional DNP = 0.25 necessary for remaining 2 Hours

Configure DNP 1.0 Record and DNP 0.25 Record for SAME DAY to fully reflect 10 Hours on each day. 


Run Entitlement > Group Authorization > Schedule Groups > Run Pay

RESOLVED: $1,500 necessary reduction was achieved