Every form is treated uniquely, however, when analyzing output, we can see 3 criteria that are raised through the A specification.





  1. Image without a text alternative is for the Board Logo: although the text for the board is to the direct right of image. We have reviewed and note that the information will be read shortly have the image and it is identified as school.jpg. 
  2. Page language has not been identified: all our current products default to the English language only support. Modern browsers will identify the language based on the content and screen readers will identify that.
  3. Form Field is not labeled: currently they are database driven and use identity values to identify the forms and we use the Label directly aligned to the input field to identify the form field. The label will be read through screen readers that advise of the input field.



Due to the dynamic rendering nature of the form and label fields, the program will be updated in a future release to accommodate for the assessment areas outlined.