If you are interested in having a new Online Registration/Reregistration form populated, please follow these steps:

1. There are currently two ways for parents to fill out an online registration form. If the family is new then they can fill out a form through the online registration portal. They will have to first create an account to log in. If the family is currently enrolled at the school and is planning on reregistering for next year they can do so through the connect parent/student portal.

2. Edsembli charges clients a fee of $750 per registration form we create for the school/board. This cost includes customization.

3. We have a demo template for you to see what parents can expect the online registration experience to be like through the online registration portal: https://connect.edsembli.com/ON/DEMO/CCHS/Portal/Online/StudentRegistration

Note: You will have to create an account to log in.

4. If you are interested in having edsembli create and customize an online registration form then please submit a Freshdesk ticket including the specific customizations you want that differ from our demo form.

5. When it comes to customizing registration forms we operate around a 2-cycle review session where after the client provides the initial changes required, we book two meetings giving a chance for the client to change their customizations and request different modifications. After this review process is complete, we only provide support for ensuring the form works as designed.