Employee Group Code Naming Conventions and Considerations

ISSUE: Need background on different Employee Group Code Naming Conventions, the different methods and considerations to ensure codes are easy to follow within HRP.  

IMPACT: Employee Group Codes are a huge reference point for everyone using the system

  1. HR/Payroll/Salary Updates/File Generation
  2. Employee Group Code = 8 Character limit


Different Considerations for best Naming Conventions

  • Board Consensus
  • How Timesheets/Absences are processed
  • What the need and current situation is
    1. Perhaps carryover from previous system
      • Board might already be familiar with these
    2. Perhaps Group Codes are in need of overhaul
      • Workflow and internal issues caused


Employee Group Naming Conventions

  1. Job title
    1. CAS
    2. TEMP
    3. TEACH/TCH
    4. P/VP
      1. (Vice) Principle
    5. TRUSTEE
    6. LTO/STO
      1. Long/Short Term Occasional
    7. CONED
  2. Union Code
    1. CUPE1
    2. CUPE7
    3. NU____
      1. NU = Non-Union
  3. Fallout Groups (separate groups)
    1. Any additional group
      1. Maybe non union
      2. Board can identify these
      3. Capital Accountant to merge schools/close them down
  4. School Level (ELEM & SEC)
      1. TCHS
      1. TCHE
    3. SECPVP
    4. ELEMPVP


Plenty of clients also make use of some combination of the above all together