ISSUE: We had an instance this week where an EFT batch was finalized and later had to be modified to remove a vendor from being paid. 

Is there a way to modify the Finalized EFT Batch in K212 to remove vendors in these cases?








See below



After a pay run has been finalized, the only way to make a change to payments to EFT vendors is to cancel the cheque run, make whatever changes are needed, and reprocess.   In order to do this, all payments in the run must be unreconciled (unreturned).  As of edsembli FIN version 1.11.00, there is a Group Action to do this, so it should be quick and easy to do.  

 The steps to accomplish this are:

  1. Go to Cheques à Return Cheques
    1. In the Cheque Number field, enter the first six or so characters of a cheque number in the run (the bank and authorization number) and click Search - it should respond with exactly all the payments made in that pay run
    2. In Group Actions, select Undo Return All.  This will set the status of any reconciled payments to unreconciled.
  2. Now you can go to Accounts Payable à Pay Run Management:
    1. Select a batch to contain all the journal entries that cancelling the pay run will generate as it puts the money back in the bank and sets the Accounts Payable back up
    2. Enter the Authorization Number
    3. From the Action drop-down, select Cancel Pay Run
      This will cancel all payments, resetting the invoices back to an unpaid status.  They are now ready to be picked up in a new pay run after you make whatever changes were needed.