STAT HOL 2 Method Setup

Payroll > Group Data > Basic Group Data > Employee Group > End Date and Duplicate the group 

NOTE: This helps to keep the historical record of when this was setup

-Toggle Pay Stat Hol 2 = ON 

-Work Week Start Day = SUNDAY 

-Choose appropriate Holiday Calendar 

  • If none created, you can configure as shown below

Payment Code = not mandatory, anything paid under STAT HOL, it is hard coded that no matter what you choose, it comes across as Holiday Field


Board Control > General Tables > Miscellaneous Codes Maintenance > CG > Search

Create New entry at the bottom > Call it STATHOL2 > Ensure code is Active

Save to update your changes

Go back to Group Exception Calendar > Create the Calendar here


Payroll > Group Data > Group Exception Calendar 

NOTE: The new Calendar is Created here as it is a group exception calendar

Cancel > Then choose New > Calendar Code = STATHOL2

Configure the appropriate Group Exception Days




Note: Once completed go back to Payroll > Group Data > Basic Group Data to assign the Calendar Code to Employee Groups