Salary not Populating on COWAN Non-Active Report

ISSUE: Annual Salary is not populating on COWAN Non Active Report


FIX: Unlike the COWAN Active Report that pulls Annual Salary from Compensation > Salary and Allowances; the Cowan Non-Active Report pulls Benefit Salary from the Active Approved Leave Record


Steps to Resolve:

Since we are referring to the Non-Active Report here - Benefit Salary will be pulled from the Active Approved Leaves record for the Employees in question. 


When the Leave record is opened for the Employee and Leave FTE = 1.0, you want to take the Annual Compensation from Compensation > Salary and Allowances and enter it under Benefit Salary

Note: The Benefit Salary needs to factor in Leave FTE (Annual Salary * Leave FTE = Benefit Salary)


Example: Salary = 100k

1.0 Leave FTE > Benefit Salary = 100k

0.5 Leave FTE > Benefit Salary = 100k * 0.5 = 50k


For Example, enter 50,000 for Benefit Salary as shown above and re-run COWAN Report. 


*Repeat for all necessary employees