ISSUE: Clarification needed on the Instruction Document for OMERSNFT installation patch. 

FIX: Disregard copying the K212 HR Payroll Client Setup\app.config file into K212 HR Payroll Client Setup\Ecno.Ipps.Payroll.Client.exe.config. 

Simply insert the Highlighted config setting. 

Note: You do not need to copy the app.config file as stated under the Copy message. 
You simply need to insert the highlighted Setting Statement into Ecno.Ipps.Payroll.Client.exe.config



Open the file > Ensure OMERSNFT lines are spelt correctly, there was a spelling mistake

It is only supposed to be "OMERSNFT_(0).txt" as shown below

   <setting name="OMERSNFTFileName" serializeAs="String">

Note: Ensure any changes within this file under K212 HR Payroll Client Setup folder are re-copied into K212 HR Payroll Client folder. 

You can now navigate to Deployment Wizard > Next until you see the Program Files > Choose Ecno.Ipps.Payroll.Client.exe and ensure the Program is choosing  "OMERSNFT_(0).txt" and not "OMERSNFT_(0)_(1).txt