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OMERS NFT [71939]

Above is the information OMERS has provided employers. Attached is the data collection file.

Initial thoughts are a report that captures new hires for a specified period of time (designated by user) that can be uploaded into e-access. 

Also, wondering if flags or date fields can be entered to denote if an employee has already been offered membership.


Issue: OMERS NFT functionality needs to be implemented into K212.

Fix: OMERSNFT functionality has been fully implemented. Navigate to Pay Process > OMERS > OMERS NFT Report to generate a file of OMERS Non-Full Time. K212 will automatically populate an OMERSNFT Record under Employee level Pension Deductions screen with the Date Submitted being the date the report is run.

Following the choice of the individual, the board will populate either Date Accepted or Date Declined. Date Accepted represents the Start Date of the OMERS record in this case. Any user with Date Declined populated or an Active OMERS record will then be excluded from the following extract.

Process Overview:

Miscellaneous Code Maintenance: 

Note: Patch update script automatically inserts this. 

Payroll > Board > Pension Deduction: 

Required: Liability Account, Expense Account, Required

OMERS NFT Report Module:

Employee Group Code drop-down Menu: Here you can choose <ALL> or a single Employee Group Code

Alternatively: Click on the 3 dots to display Employee Group Code list > Use CTRL + Click to select Multiple

The module will then display <MULTIPLE> under Employee Group Code. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The OMERS NFT Report will NOT generate under Process > Completed > Reports - there is a .txt file that will generate under C > Reports > Payroll

When you run the report in TRIAL > Records are not inserted in any table, only shown in the Report.

Once you run the report in UPDATE > Records go into EC_EMPLOYEE_PENSION_DEDUCTIONS table

Note: Once report is re-run, any records in EC_EMPLOYEE_PENSION_DEDUCTIONS are ignored as they are already there

Once report is run in UPDATE > OMERSNFT record is inserted under Employee level Pension Deduction Module

Note: The record insertion is automated, however the entry of either Date Accepted or Date Declined is Manual. 

Important Note: OMERS NFT Date Accepted = OMERS Start Date

Important Notes: 

Payroll > Employee > Pension Deductions screen

Fields added: 

Date Submitted

Date Accepted

Date Declined

Payroll > Pay Process > OMERS > OMERSNFT Report

Establish a date range (typically monthly) using the To and From Dates. Toggle Employee Group and select Submit to run the extract.

Note: You will need to give yourself permission under User Access Maintenance to see the OMERS NFT module.

Report Picking up Conditions:


Hire Date within Range specified on OMERS NFT report

Compensation Type = H

Additional Conditions to Exclude:

IF CURRENT OMERS Start Date less than/= TO Date (OMER Start Date = OMERSNFT Date Accepted)

IF OMERSNFT Date Declined less than/= TO Date (configured in OMERSNFT Report date range)

IF OMERSNFT record exists > Then exclude from next OMERSNFT Report