Native Status T4 Box 71 SETUP

  1. Set up an Other_Payment code   Payroll\Board\Other Payments Maintenance      
    1. OTHER_PAYMENT            NAT14    Native Box 14
    2. OTHER_PAYMENT            NAT71    Native Box 71
      1. Save


  1. On the employee YTD record      Payroll\Pay Process\YTD Record Adjustments
    1. Add a new line
  1. OTHER_PAYMENT   Entity Code = NAT14   Class = I         Coverage Code = blank          Amount = negative amount removed from Box 14
    1. Whatever amount you want out of box 14 and added to box 71 enter as a negative
  2. OTHER_PAYMENT   Entity Code = NAT71   Class =        Coverage Code = blank          Amount = positive amount taken from Box 14
    1. Save

 Note: Whatever amount you took out of box 14, enter as a positive amount for box 71.

  1. Add boxes to T4 maintenance    Payroll\Year End\T4 Entity Maintenance
    1. Year = 2020, T4, choose box 14 from dropdown list or key, OTHER-PAYMENT, NAT14, I, 1.0000
    2. Year = 2020, T4, choose box 71 from dropdown list or key, OTHER_PAYMENT, NAT71, I, 1.0000



Once you’ve set up the 3 areas run a T4 Prelist.  At this point the system will pick up the new box. 


Note: Once setup, you can simply copy the T4 Entity Maintenance from year to year.